Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Full Heart...

What is with me today, maybe because it's September 11th, but I am a sobbing mess! I am so grateful to be an American and for my husband who works hard, he would deny this, but helping people everyday! I love him!

My day started off with reading a really sweet article about a 4 year old boy's Mother writing about his fight with cancer, "Rockstar Ronan".  (Warning... tears may start falling)

As I am sitting at my desk sobbing... I can't help but think of my friend Jimmy and his 3 year old girl he lost in a horrible car accident a couple weeks ago and my sweet 8 week old that I miscarried last week! It makes me realize, even more, how grateful I am for my sweet boy and my wonderful husband. I just want to hold all the ones I love close to me forever!

I have to share my little sister's blog about the sweet 4 year old Ronan, and how his mother's blog inspired Taylor Swift's new song. You can find it here, she put into words exactly what I was thinking today, and will write it much better than I ever could!

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  1. Real cute...thanks for the shout out to my post. Thanks to TJ for being a real life hero. Thanks to Buster/Dylan/Claire/Jaxon/Chloe for bringing so much joy to my family. Thanks to Ronan, Mya, and Taylor for making us so grateful and emotional today. Cry episode count today is 6....